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The Darkest Timeline with Ken Jeong & Joel McHale

Apr 10, 2020

Joel and Ken sit down to answer your questions about COMMUNITY. Joel and Ken ponder the structure of their podcast and look to outside sources for help. Joel tells Ken a few of his stories concerning the Hearst Castle, Character Actor Richard Erdman and what it was like to portray Chevy Chase. Ken explains elements of Coronavirus to Joel including the pros and cons of Hydroxychloroquine as a means of therapy for Covid-19. Ken also recalls a chance encounter on the Sony Lot with Tim Tebow.

For more on legendary hollywood character actor Richard Erdman. See below for his iMDB page.

Joel stars in A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE as Chevy Chase. The film is about comedy legend Doug Kenney. A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE is now streaming on NETFLIX along with every season of COMMUNITY.